Congratulations! You're planning a wedding and hopefully checking things off your lengthy to-do list! Before long you'll have a new band on your ring finger and the next thing you know it's your first anniversary. Trust me, it goes by just that quick! Let's talk about the one thing you'll have left, long after the wedding is over - those gorgeous photos. Wedding photography is an investment, it's the one thing you do not want to simply 'settle for'. Live flowers? Yes please. Delicious food? Absolutely! The perfect gown - that's a no brainer. And don't even get me started on that cake, no one celebrates without a pretty and perfectly iced cake. It's all these details that mesh together to make a wedding simply beautiful. You could invest quite a bit on the few things mentioned above but none of it matters if the photos don't reflect the vision and true beauty of your story. Photography is an investment, and it's one you should consider carefully as your memories depend on it. It would be an honor to tell your story, the way you dream of it to be told.  

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