-about Mandy-


Just as every girl does, I had dreamed of my wedding day for quite some time until the fall of 2015 when I married my biggest fan and greatest blessing. Now I am celebrating this new stage of life with an adventure seeking husband and together we reminisce on our special day and the milestones we've crossed thus far.  I’m Mandy, an Alabama based Lifestyle and Wedding Photographer who adores capturing authentic love stories and I am SO glad you’re here! I consider myself a romantic at heart, your love story and all its pretty little details are exactly what captivate me. Two people, two completely opposite human beings, weaving their lives together to lay the foundation of a legacy worth leaving. How incredible is it that there are 7.6 billion people in the world but there is one unique person out there who was made just for you? I for one think, that, in and of itself is amazing.

A little about me: I am a child of God who fails Him daily, a devoted wife with much to learn, and a sincere lover of friends and laughter.  I most recently took on the role of being a mother and I'll be the first to admit, parenthood is tough - but oh so worth it. If you follow my blog you’ll see that I’m an artist who seeks adventure and thrives from spontaneity. Simply put, I see the world from a different angle.  

Something you should know before you email me: I am a firm believer that love is a choice you make every single day. Rest assured, there will be days where you can barely stand your spouse - your imperfect gift from God - however, you are called to love, called to be faithful, called to sacrifice and to honor that very same gift -  especially on those days.  My vision is to document this milestone so that even on those days, you can see and remember that your love is worth the fight.  I would love nothing more than to cheer you on as you start this amazing lifelong journey and I want you to have those invaluable memories that pull you through even the darkest of days. That’s why I do this: to provide my couples with a constant reminder that love never fails. 

Think we’d be a good fit? I’d love to meet you both! Head on over and Let’s Chat!