Chase + Rachel | A Sunflower Farm Anniversary

This couple - those sunflowers - & their anniversary. Can we just talk about how gorgeous they are? I can count on one hand, using just one finger, the number of times I have seen a beautiful sunflower farm that ran for miles (or so it seemed) and it was perfect for Chase and Rachel's second anniversary shoot. 

I actually worked with Chase and Rachel when we were teenagers which we agreed seems like a lifetime ago. New jobs and new directions, college completed and two weddings later we were able to catch up on how far we have come at this (still young) point in our lives. ;)  Chase and Rachel will set off on a new adventure up the Eastern Coast at the end of the summer and I have no doubt they will make tons of new friends and new memories during this next chapter of their lives. 

Thanks so much for letting me capture your anniversary! Best wishes on your next adventure! 

Happy Anniversary

Chase & Rachel!